Stephanie has a wealth of experience in cultural management in the public and private sector, with over 15-years experience in commercial art galleries and art fairs. She managed the Anish Kapoor Exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery and raised over £2 million for the expansion of the Serpentine Gallery by organising their charity auction in partnership with Sotheby's.  She was Fair Manager for Frieze Art Fair from its Launch until 2006, Co-Director of Art HK: Hong Kong International Art Fair from 2007-2009 and Fair Director of Art 13-Art15 from 2012 – 2014. 

She now consults independently and writes for the German Financial Newspaper The Handelsblatt as well as the Neue Zürcher Zeitung as their London art market correspondent. As an academic, she teaches on BA Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins, MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise at CSM andregularly on the business of the Art Market for IESA, London, as well as Sotheby’s and Christie’s Education. Stephanie holds MAs in Art History from the University of Hamburg and the Courtauld Institute, London; and an MBA (Public Services) from Warwick Business School.  


Anish Kapoor, Sky Mirror 2006, Stainless steel, 1066.8 x 1066.8 cm. Installation view of Serpentine Gallery exhibition Turning the World Upside Down, Kensington Gardens, London 28 September 2010 - 13 March 2011  ©

Anish Kapoor, Sky Mirror 2006, Stainless steel, 1066.8 x 1066.8 cm.
Installation view of Serpentine Gallery exhibition Turning the World Upside Down, Kensington Gardens, London 28 September 2010 - 13 March 2011  ©

Arts management consultancy

Art Fair Management
Exhibition Management
Strategy Advice
Content Provision 

Stephanie has to date lead a number of prominent art fairs and exhibitions to success. She was the first Fair Manager for Frieze from its Launch to 2006 and implemented key organizational systems of the art fair. In 2007 she managed the Winter Antiques Fair at Olympia where she raised income streams significantly and gained first insights into the antiques market. Since then she run Art HK: Hong Kong International Art Fair from 2007 to 2009 and launched as Fair Director Art13, the first lobal Art Fair in Lodnon, which sie run until the end of 2014. Her past work experience included sales and artist liaison positions at galleries such as Karsten Greve, Cheim & Read and Gagosian Gallery in Cologne, New York and Paris. In 2009 and 2010 she organized for the Serpentine Gallery the Anish Kapoor exhibition and raised over £2 million for the expansion of the Serpentine Gallery by organising their charity auction in partnership with Sotheby's. She extended her management understanding and organizational process and strategy building through an MBA (Public Services) from Warwick Business School, which she attained in 2014.

Stephanie advises discreetly a number of commercial and not-for-profit clients in strategy development in the art world, such as galleries, art fairs and private clients. 

Stephanie is active as a journalist and regularly writes about art and artists, exhibitions, art fairs and the wider art market for newspapers such as the Handelsblatt and the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Currently she co-authors and co-edits a special edition for the German Kunstforum on skills based arts eduction, which will be published in February 2017. Stephanie also writes catalogue texts and academic articles.

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Stephanie currently holds a post as Stage 1 leader on BA Culture, Criticism and Curation and as Unit Leader on MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise at Central Saint Martins. She teaches on Art History, Globalisation and Art Market Studies. Apart from her work at CSM she also lectures regularly at IESA, Sotheby’s Institute and Christie’s Education. 

She lectures and runs workshops and seminars and conducts assessments across both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. She has extensive experience in course development, revalidation and course management and programming as well as online teaching and learning. 

Her pedagogic interests lie in Course development, online teaching and learning, student recruitment and induction, cross-cultural teaching and inclusive teaching methods.

Academic Engagement

Aby Warburg, Menmosyne Atla 

Aby Warburg, Menmosyne Atla 

As an Art Historian and Cultural Manager Stephanie’s research areas lie in the following areas:
– Art market studies
– Art and conflict
– The art school as institution
– Globalisation and power
– Sustainability in the art world

Her research is based on cross-disciplinarity, collaboration, and sharing. Stephanie understands all areas of her professional engagement as part of research, being this professional work, journalistic activities and teaching. They all influence her research interests, activities, and outputs.  Stephanie publishes in German and English.

Stephanie has published academic articles since 1995 and has furthermore edited a number of exhibition catalogues. For a list of publications please refer to xxx [?]

Her current research activities include:
– being part of a research Programme and conflict and art in collaboration with RUSI,the Royal United Services Institute.
– being part of a EU funded Research Programme entitled Creative Lenses. I am producing a 1 day Forum on Innovative Business Models in the Arts under the academic leadership of Prof Lucy Kimbell, Director of the Innovation Insights Hub for UAL on 13 October 2016 at Chelsea College of the Arts.
– co-editing and authoring a special issue of the German art magazine Kunstforum with the title Kunstfertigkeiten, on globalisation, skills and art academies.
– Author of articles for the upcoming Art Market Dictionary, published in 2017 by deGruyter.

Stephanie is a member of the following bodies:
– Netzwerk Weitblick, Verband Journalismus and Nachhaltigkeit e.V.
– TIAMSA, The international Art Market Studies Association
– AAH, Association of Art Historians

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Employment History
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Faculty Member Sotheby’s Institute of Art
– Online Course Development and Delivery: Introduction to the Art World

Faculty Member Christie’s Education
– Short Course Delivery on the art market

Unit Leader “Local and Global Challenges”, MA Arts and Cultural
Enterprise, Central Saint Martins, London
– Unit Development
– Online teaching through Blackboard Collaborate
– Assessment Development

Art Market Correspondent
Handelsblatt, Germany and NZZ, Switzerland

Independent Arts Management Consultant
– Management Consultant for small/medium sized art market
– Strategy advice
– Business Development such as business plan development
– Staffing strategies and team development

Development Lead, MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise
Central Saint Martins, London
– Lead Researcher in new MA development launching Jan 2016
– Curriculum development including aims and outcomes, rationale,
assessment points, individual course units
– Scoping and budget setting for course
– Unit Leader “Global Cultural Challenges”

Stage 1 Leader, BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation (0.5)
Central Saint Martins, London
– Responsible for Stage 1 Management on strategic and day-today
– Responsible for a team of 10 hourly paid lecturers
 Development and delivery of elective on Art Markets incl.
teaching materials, learning resources, assessment
– Successfully piloted online marking and assessment for Stage 1
– Lecturer in Art History and Art Markets across all stages
– Dissertation and final project supervision

Lecturer MA History & Business of the Contemporary Art Market
IESA, London and Paris
– Lecturer in Art History and Art Business studies

Fair Director, Art13 London, Art14 London and Art15
Artfairslondon, London
– Strategy development for new global art fair in London
– Responsible for sales income generation in the range of £2.5 Mio
annually through gallery recruitment, sponsorships and grants
– Responsible for collector strategy of the fair
– Curation of all not for profit activity of the fair: performances, talks
and sculpture projects
– Development of national and international collaborations with
leading institutions and non-profits
– Team Development – employed a number of senior staff
members and ensure team cohesion

Exhibition Manager Public Sculpture and Benefit Auction
Serpentine Gallery (Fixed Term Contract), London
– Project Manager/Curator of ‘Turning the World Upside Down’,
outdoor sculpture exhibition of works by Anish Kapoor in
Kensington Gardens in partnership with The Royal Parks
– Project Management of a charity auction to raise funds for the
Serpentine Sackler Gallery in partnership with Sotheby’s in June
2011 with a profit of £2.2 Million.

Project Manager  (Fixed Term Contract)
Contemporary Art Society, London (Charity)

Fair Director (Europe and US), ART HK: HK International Art Fair
Asian Art Fairs Ltd., London/Hong Kong

Show Manager, Winter Fine Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia
Clarion Events, London

Fair Manager
Frieze Art Fair, London

Gallery Assistant / Director
Galerie Karsten Greve, Cologne/Milan/St. Moritz/Paris

Administrative Assistant
Christie’s Hamburg

University of the Arts London
Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Arts & Design

Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
Executive MBA (Public Services)

University of Hamburg
Postgraduate studies in Art History, History, Political Science
 MA History of Art (Contemporary Art)

Courtauld Institute of Art, London
MA History of Art (Renaissance Florentine Art)
King Edward VII Foundation Scholarship

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg
Undergraduate Studies in Art History, History, Political Science

Anish Kapoor Catalogue Cover, Serpentine Gallery 2010 

Anish Kapoor Catalogue Cover, Serpentine Gallery 2010 

Kunstakademien global, Sonderband Kunstforum, February 2017
(Global Art Academies- planed special edition for Kunstforum
Response to gallery report 2015/16, in: Creative United and
Arttactic: UK Contemporarty Gallery Report 2015, London 2016, p.

Tanja Klemm im Gespräch mit Stephanie Dieckvoss, Direktorin der
neuen Kunstmesse Art13 London, in:
Kunstforum International 221
(2013), S. 376-379.

Anish Kapoor: Turning the World Upside Down, exhibition
catalogue, ed. by Stephanie Dieckvoss, Rosalind Furness and
Melissa Larner, texts by Stephanie Dieckvoss, Darian Leader, Julia
Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Marcus du Sautoy, London

Exhibition Catalogue, Simply British: A Private Collection of Naïve
English Paintings, Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair 2007 (Editorial
and introductory essay)

Von der Beschleunigung der Zeit. Gedanken zu Robert Wilsons
Woyzeck Inszenierung, in: Archithese. Zeitschrift und Schriftenreihe
für Architektur, 03/02, May/June 2002, pp. 40-43.

Wenn ich aufwache, ist es immer noch so schlimm (Wie eine
Neustadter Galeristin ihr Leben nach dem Terror-Anschlag
empfindet), in: Die Rheinpfalz, No. 220, 21 September 2001

Renaissance Art in Berlin: A Celebration of Wilhelm von Bode?, In
Renaissance Studies: Volume 10, Issue 4, pages 505-517,
December 1996.

Wilhelm von Bode: Mein Leben. Burlington Magazine, 06/1998,
pages: 399-400.